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Frewt & Knutt Corner is proud to have  been supplying premium quality dried fruit, nuts and confectionary in Englands oldest recorded town of Colchester for 10 years. We are careful to ensure that our suppliers provide us with only the best, making sure you get the highest quality and freshness. Our mixes are unique to us and are also mixed by us on site enabling us to maintain quality and ensuring it is the same each time. In our endeavor to bring you the best in quality and freshness a growing number of our lines are now organic.

Our range of confectionary contains many of the old favorites but we have also recently added some belgian chocolate covered fruits and hand made dark chocolate ginger.

 All of our efforts go to ensure you get great quality and value in every bag !

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Christopher & Robin

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Dee-Lish Uss 200g


Dash Oh Salt 200g


The Moorish 200g


Californian Walnuts 200g


Yoghurt Raisins 200g


Dee-lucks Knutts 200g



Dried fruit and nuts, natures fast foods, are a convenient and tasty way to to boost your energy levels during the day.

Of course they are also great just as treats, either for yourself, or as gifts to others.


Simplicity makes for an easier life.

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